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Hi, I'm Jobina. I am a Product Manager in London who is lucky enough to have been building digital experiences with talented teams since 2008.

I have introduced product management - the mindset and its methodologies - into pre-seed stage startups and into century-old corporations. I have worked with e-commerce, marketplaces, SaaS and physical products. I have worked with users in education, consumer purchasing, recruitment, government and non-profits.


What these organisations have in common is that they operate in an increasingly digital world, where possibilities are endless and expectations are high. They could all benefit from the discipline of "product management" - a discipline that ensures that talented digital teams are always doing the most valuable and high-impact work possible, based on a solid understanding of user needs, market needs and an organisation's needs.

As with many of us, I learned product management on the job. I know the challenges of the role. And I believe that process can be made faster and less painful with the right support!


Now I coach and develop others to build up the same mindset and toolkit to be able to make the right decisions for their organisations.

Product MANAGEMENT, training and coaching experience